Therapist peers into past lives for Man vs Weird documentary

Therapist peers into past lives for Man vs Weird documentary

Katherine Denham

Therapist peers into past lives for Man vs Weird documentary

THE 'superhuman' skill of a man who says he can improve people's lives through past life regression is being featured in a Channel 4 documentary.

Nicolas Aujula, from Furze Platt, will be appearing in an episode of Man vs Weird tonight to show viewers how he can cure medical problems by helping people tap into the subconscious memories of their past life.

During the four-week documentary, comedian Simon Farnaby ventures around the globe meeting people who claim to have extraordinary powers.

Characters profiled include a man who can pull a car along a street with a rope attached to his eye sockets and an 'unbreakable monk' who takes a power drill to his skull, without injury.

In the UK-focused final episode Simon visits 28-year-old regression therapist Nicolas at his home in Maidenhead.

He speaks to one of the hypnotherapist's former patients, Lisa Palmer, who had suffered with migraines since childhood but was cured by remembering how she died in a previous life when a coconut fell on her head.

Programme producers chose to feature Nicolas in the documentary after Lisa spoke out on ITV Daybreak in April 2012 about her treatment.

Nicolas said: "It’s a great honour to have been chosen to be a part of the series.

"Regression is quite niche and I have never been on primetime TV so I’m interested to see how people will respond."

POP-EYE: In the second episode of Man vs Weird Simon Farnaby visits a man who can tow a car with his eye sockets.


Nicolas admits that his unique style of treatment is difficult for the medical profession to understand but is confident his method has successfully been able to help improve people's lives.

He added: "It’s possible that if you have died in an accident or suffered an injury that it passes over and by re-living it you can relieve the tension and come to terms with what happened."

He was inspired to pursue a career in regression therapy after being put into a trance-like state himself when he was 17 and had flashbacks from his own past life.

He is also an experienced astrologist and regularly writes for the Beverly Hills Times.

Nicolas also says he has a list of celebrity clients who have come to him for advice, including Toyah Willcox, Angie Best, and Big Brother winner Sophie Reade.

"Hopefully the documentary will encourage viewers to think beyond the realms of modern day science and drugs," he said.

Man vs Weird is on More4 at 10pm tonight.

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