Changes set for A404 at 'commuter hell' Bisham roundabout

Changes set for A404 at 'commuter hell' Bisham roundabout

Luke Matthews

Changes set for A404 at  'commuter hell' Bisham roundabout

Improvement works to ease traffic problems on the A404 are set to begin in September.

The new scheme will widen the A404 northbound and Marlow Road approaches to the Bisham roundabout to increase capacity and improve traffic flows, at an estimated cost of £1.8m.

The northbound approach, for traffic heading from the M4 at Maidenhead, will be widened to three lanes to provide a dedicated left-turn for Bisham and the Marlow Road approach will be widened to two lanes nearing the roundabout.

Work is expected to take about three months to complete, finishing in December.

No alterations will be made to the A404 southbound carriageway, the A308 or access to the Under the Wood cul-de-sac.

The Highways Agency said it developed the scheme in conjunction with the Royal Borough, after a previous £4.2m proposal to convert the Bisham roundabout at the junction of the A404 and A308 to signalled crossroads was shelved.

The plans hope to ease congestion on the road, with a recent survey suggesting 58 per cent of all journeys along the A404 to the M4 junction at Maidenhead are delayed - making it statistically the third worst road in Britain.

The Highways Agency warned that drivers will experience further delays during the construction period due to roadworks.

Paul Harrison, who lives in High Wycombe and works in Maidenhead, said: "Bisham roundabout is commuter hell and is a real danger to motorists.

"Often I can spend up to 15 minutes queuing up to get onto it from Marlow road and that's before you have to play the daily lottery of trying to avoid being smashed by a passing car as you wait for a big enough gap to drive off.

"I welcome plans to improve the roundabout but at the same time it gives me a feeling of added dread knowing the queues are set to get worse and my commute even longer.

"Serious thought must be put into the plans and whether they will actually help motorists and not delay them even further."

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