Your Views: Should there be a police office in the town centre?

Your Views: Should there be a police office in the town centre?

Lucy Elder

Your Views: Should there be a police office in the town centre?

The police base at the Rotunda, near Sainsbury's in Providence Place, shut yesterday.

This will save the force £26,000 a year but leaves Maidenhead Police Station in Bath Road as the nearest manned site to central Maidenhead.

Reporter LUCY ELDER asked shoppers in the High Street on Saturday afternoon if they thought there should be a police office in the town centre.

Darrell Mott


Darrell Mott, 48, from Cookham, thought there should be.  

"Yes," he said.

"It is quite a large town. I think it needs a police presence of some sort, if not over the top at least on hand."

He said he did not feel unsafe but added building development happening in the town was another reason why there should be a manned base.


Janine Earl


Janine Earl, 47, from Cookham, was out shopping and agreed there should be a police office on hand.

"Yes definitely because if there is trouble in town you can go there and report something," she said.

She also cited development in the town as a reason for having one.


Scott Sands


Scott Sands, from Cox Green, also thought there should be an office in central Maidenhead.

"Yes because if something happens you want feet on the ground quicker rather than later," said the 46-year-old.




Sam Vernon


Sam Vernon, 35, from Luton, used to live and work in the area and was visiting friends in the town.

"Yes. There should be a police station in every town," he said.



Laura Air


Laura Air, 40, of The Crescent, cited crime prevention and community relations for reasons to have one.

"Any police presence has got to be a good thing as a deterrent, but also working with the police," she said.

"If you know who your police are then it helps community policing in general."



Sally-Ann Van Nuland


Sally-Ann Van Nuland, 22, of Florence Avenue, moved to the town about six months ago and thinks a town centre base is a good idea.

"Especially when it is smaller," she said.

"Then people do not feel the pressure of walking in."

She added that she does feel safe in the town.



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