Council backs down over car hire logo plan

Council backs down over car hire logo plan

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Council backs down over car hire logo plan

Private car hire companies have won a victory in their fight against plans to make them display a council logo on their doors.

Councillors on the Royal Borough's licensing panel decided last week not to insist on the door logos after being swamped with objections from car hire operators.

At their meeting on Tuesday, April 15 they decided instead only to insist on front window stickers with the logo of the company.

The idea for the high visibility doors logos followed an attack on a woman in Windsor who got into an unmarked car mistakenly believing it was a taxi. But drivers insisted that such a logo would put customers off.

Riaz Zaman from Maidenhead Cars in Cedar Road, Maidenhead said this week: "People hiring our cars like them plain and simple, not tacky.

"Drivers could go elsewhere to operate if the council insisted on this."

Councillors agreed at the meeting to allow hackney carriage drivers to increase their fares - setting the increase at three per cent. The last increase was more than two years ago.


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