Retailer hails inaugural cash mob as a success

Retailer hails inaugural Cash Mob as a success

Simon Meechan

Retailer hails inaugural cash mob as a success

The owner of an independent antiques store says she was thrilled to receive a surprise visit from the town's newly-formed 'Cash Mob'.

Maidenhead Cash Mob. Photo by David Clarke

The thirty-odd shoppers, each armed with £10, all arrived at Thames Antiques and Vintage in Market Street on Saturday morning on a mission to boost Maidenhead's economy.

Dubbed a 'Cash Mob' by its organisers, the group assembled for the first time in the High Street at 11am.

Once there they found out which business they were spending their tenner in.

Owner of Thames Antiques and Vintage, Stacy Sherlock, was asked in the morning if she would like to be the mob's first target.

She then heard the crowd on the way to her shop, singing along to 'Money, Money, Money' by ABBA.

"It was lovely, as they were marching down the road, hearing a crowd of people marching down to the shop waving £10 notes in the air. People were looking at them like they were bonkers, " said Stacy.

The 50-year-old, who opened the shop in September 2013, said she hastily prepared the shop ahead of the mob arriving.

"It was absolutely brilliant. Great fun. I like the fact its all the independent retailers supporting each other and pulling together."

The cash mob outside Thames Antiques and Vintage

The group was organised after a discussion on the Maidenhead Gossip Girls Facebook Page.

Its organisers plan to meet on the first Saturday of every month and spend money at a different independent retailer each time.

You can follow the group on Twitter here.

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