Maidenhead's Labour candidate aims to establish his party

Maidenhead's Labour candidate aims to establish his party

Michael Owens

Maidenhead's Labour candidate aims to establish his party

The Labour Party has elected its prospective Parliamentary candidate to take on Theresa May MP in next year's general election.

Labour candidate for Maidenhead, Charles Smith


Members of the Maidenhead Constituency Labour Party voted for Charles Smith on Saturday, March 22.

Originally from a working hill farm in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, the 29-year-old moved to work and train as a lawyer in London, where he also volunteers as a legal advisor at a Citizens Advice Bureau affiliate.

It was through this role he was compelled to represent some of the country's least well-off citizens.

"Working with them you see so much work needs to be done," he said.

"I’m standing to represent those hard-working people and the most vulnerable in society who have been severely let down by the Tories and betrayed by the Liberal Democrats."

He has committed to push for the introduction of a living wage to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and protect the area's hospitals from closure.

Mr Smith still lives in London with his civil partner – who he met 11 years ago studying French and history at Warwick University.

However, he has committed to make the short trip from Paddington as often as possible and is considering moving to the area.

"I saw there was an opportunity to stand [in Maidenhead], saw some of the issues and saw there was a strong Tory majority,” he said.

"The opportunity to represent a constituency with 70,000 people is a huge privilege.

"There needs to be a strong Labour voice representing people."

Has a gargantuan task ahead, as he campaigns in one of the nation's safest seats.

Mrs May, the MP for Maidenhead and Twyford, has held the seat since its creation in 1997.

The Home Secretary had the ninth-highest share of the vote of 307 seats held by Conservatives at the 2010 general election.

"Honestly we want to win as many votes as we can while doing a good job with the local people,” added Mr Smith.

"It's about putting that foot in.

"A great outcome would be to show the Lib Dems are not the opposition and Labour is."

See next week's Advertiser for an interview with the Lib Dem candidate, Tony Hill.

A public meeting is being held by UKiP on Friday, April 11, for the public to meet its MEP candidates Diane James and Ray Finch.

It is at St Piran's School in Gringer Hill, Maidenhead, from 8pm.

Party members were in Maidenhead High Street on Saturday handing out leaflets to promote the event.

The elections take place next month.

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