Repeat sex offender sentenced to 40 months for Maidenhead attack

Repeat sex offender sentenced to 40 months for Maidenhead attack

Simon Meechan

Repeat sex offender sentenced to 40 months for Maidenhead attack

A serial sex offender has been sentenced to 40 months behind bars after attempting to sexually assault a woman in Shoppenhangers Road in Maidenhead.

Martin Cain, of Pemberton Road, Slough, tried to kidnap and sexually assault a woman as she walked home just after midnight on Saturday, June 1 last year.

The 48-year-old was sentenced at Reading Crown Court, sitting at Reading Magistrates Court, on Friday.

The court heard how the victim, who lives in Maidenhead, had travelled to Maidenhead Station after a night out.

Jehad Mustafa, prosecuting, said she left she walked up Shoppenhangers Road, and noticed Cain following her and, as she began to walk faster Cain sped up, before running towards her outside Fredrick's Hotel

He said Cain, formerly of Stompits Road in Holyport, restrained her by putting his left hand around her mouth, and his right hand around her body.

Mr Mustafa told the court that Cain told the victim in a ‘soft, creepy voice’ to ‘come here’, before pulling her into an isolated alleyway nearby.

The victim screamed and raised her arms to try and free herself.

The prosecution barrister said after a struggle she managed to break free, run home and call the police.

A police tracker dog found a drunken Cain 200 yards away.

He was arrested and charged the following day with kidnap with intent to commit a sexual assault.

Martin Cain was sentenced to 40 months in prison


Mr Mustafa said CCTV footage showed Cain on the same train as the victim, and forensic evidence found their clothes had been in contact.

Cain admitted the charge on Monday, February 24, the first day of his trial, and was bailed.

The court heard how, in 1986, Cain was convicted of five indecent assaults on five women in a 17 day period in the Reading area.

Mr Mustafa said his latest victim has been traumatised by the attack, and she regularly suffers flashbacks and anxiety.

Giuseppina Silvio, mitigating, said that, since 1986, Cain has been ‘family focused’, and is in a 26-year relationship with his wife.

Sentencing, Judge John Reddihough said Cain’s actions are a woman’s ‘worst nightmare’ and must have been ‘terrifying’.

He added: “She feared she was going to be raped by you.

"Fortunately for you, and for her, she was sufficiently strong to struggle, escape your clutches and get away.

“Only a substantial, immediate custodial sentence is appropriate in your case.”

He also told the court the 40-month prison term is likely to be reduced by 149 days, taking into account time spent on bail by Cain while under electronic curfew.

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