Punts and boats could soon be floating through Maidenhead

Punts and boats could soon be floating through Maidenhead

Francis Batt

Punts and boats could soon be floating through Maidenhead
The existing York Stream
Punts and rowing boats could soon be a part of the day to day scene in the centre of Maidenhead.

The attractive picture emerged yesterday when Royal Borough officer Gail Kenyon updated members of the authority's visitor management forum on the progress of the Maidenhead Regeneration Project.

Ms Kenyon, who is the authority's planning infrastructure and regeneration manager, said: "The trees taken down to make way for the planned waterway will be replanted. The waterway will be big enough to take small craft and will change the whole environment for the better."

The first stage of the waterway project - the York stream section between the A4 and the railway - will run parallel with the Shanly Group's Chapel Arches development for shops, offices and houses nearby, due to begin this summer.

Ms Kenyon told forum members that although large boats will not be accommodated on the waterway, punts and rowing boats will be welcome.

She acknowledged that the action plan had taken a long time to become a reality - she has been involved since 2008.

She said: "People expect to see cranes springing up but it all takes time."

Plans to build offices, homes and community and cultural facilities around a public square are on the cards - hopefully linked with the proposed redevelopment of the Broadway Triangle.

Ms Kenyon said: "We would also like to see a department store coming into the town. We can't make one come - but we are working to make it happen."

Tuesday's meeting took place at Oakley Court Hotel at Water Oakley.

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