Only one person donated back council tax savings

Only one person donated back council tax savings

Luke Matthews

Only one person donated back council tax savings

A scheme allowing residents to donate back their council tax savings has been relaunched - despite only one person taking part last year.

The Royal Borough initiative offers tax payers the chance to donate back their savings following five years of reduced rates, and to pinpoint how they want their money to be spent.

Those who take part can choose from a list of services to benefit, including pot-hole repairs, improved public transport and facilities for youngsters.

In the scheme's first year only one resident responded, donating back £300.

Cllr Simon Dudley, cabinet member for finance, said: "Throughout the past few years of austerity residents have told us how much they appreciate a cut in their council tax, at the same time as enjoying quality council services.

"However, a small number told us they would rather their savings were used for further enhancement of local services, so last year we devised a simple solution to help them do just that.

"Interestingly, only one resident made a donation, a further sign that council tax payers in our borough really value the extra cash in their pockets.

"We believe in giving residents a choice so we decided to keep the scheme going for another year and we wait with interest to see the response."

Call 01628 683800 for more details of how to get involved.

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