Boulters Lock death trial begins

Boulters Lock death trial begins

James Preston

Boulters Lock death trial begins

A drunk man was unlawfully killed when he was restrained by three men for 40 minutes outside a bar in Boulters Lock, a court heard today.

Jake Corney, Gary Eastley and Dawid Lamkowski are standing trial at Guildford Crown Court accused of the manslaughter of Marcin Pastuszczak on November 7, 2012.

The court heard Mr Pastuszczak died of a heart attack during restraint after being taken out of the Boulters Terrace Bar and Riverside Brasserie by its restaurant manager Lamkowski and bar manager Eastley, who were later joined by Corney.

John Price QC, prosecuting, said Mr Pastuszczak had been drinking in the bar when police received a 999 call from barmaid Natasha Wicks to deal with a drunk man who had 'got a bit out of hand'.

They arrived 40 minutes later when he was lying on the floor outside the pub and being restrained by two men, Eastley and Lamkowski, who then got off him.

Mr Pastuszczak was not responding and was later pronounced dead at Wexham Park Hospital.

The court heard that in a statement to police Eastley said Mr Pastuszczak's behaviour towards Miss Wicks had been 'intimidating' and he tried to grab her before Eastley decided to 'get him to the floor'.

He said Mr Pastuszczak was being 'aggressive' and ‘screaming that he wanted to kill us’ as he and Lamkowski restrained him before they walked him down the stairs and outside.

Lamkowski had given a similar account in his statement describing Mr Pastuszczak as behaving like a 'mad bull'.

However, Mr Price said though the victim’s behaviour had been 'boorish' towards Miss Wicks, a later account she gave said he had not touched her.

The jury was shown CCTV footage of the incident which Mr Price suggested the 34-year-old was preparing to leave after being asked to do so and he had offered his hand for Miss Wicks to shake before Eastley took him to the ground.

Mr Price said Eastley had 'grossly exaggerated' Mr Pastuszczak's conduct and an account by witness David Chapman - one of two other remaining customers - described him as being like a 'rag doll' when being restrained.

Mr Price said Corney was seen arriving about 25 minutes after Mr Pastuszczak was taken outside after he was called by Miss Wicks, his girlfriend.

He immediately went to help restrain the man.

The prosecution barrister said CCTV footage appeared to show Corney 'raising his arm above his head and bringing it down with force'.

Mr Price said the acts of each man were the cause of Mr Pastuszczak's death.

Corney, 23, of Filmer Road in Windsor; Eastley, 26, of Moor Lane in Maidenhead and Dawid Lamkowski, 29, of Snowdon Avenue in Maidstone, Kent, all deny manslaughter.

The trial continues.

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