Cash reward for school thanks to recycling mum

Cash reward for school thanks to recycling mum

Luke Matthews

Cash reward for school thanks to recycling mum

Burchetts Green Infants School is reaping the rewards of one mum's mission to encourage recycling.

Mum-of-two Lucy Budge began an initiative at her son's former school in Burchetts Green Road and the idea has now been expanded into about 26 locations around Maidenhead.

This week she is posting more than 35 packages of recyclable materials to Terracycle, a company which will convert the waste into cash for the school.

These packages include more than 100kgs of used coffee packets collected in the last three months, as well as sweet wrappers, coffee pods, pens and yogurt pots.

The school receives 2p for each item recycled, amounting to about £300 per year.

After installing the collection bins at the school, Lucy set up drop-off points at Sainsbury's in Providence Place, the Co-operative in Shifford Crescent and in Courthouse Road.

She also visits cafes, churches and other places to gather coffee packaging each week and donates the money raised from collecting milk carton lids to the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance.

"These items can't be recycled anywhere else," said Lucy.

"It is saving them from landfill, they are all made into new products and the school gets money for things that would otherwise just be thrown away. 

"It also helps to teach the children about the value of recycling."

Headteacher at Burchetts Green, Delia Sheppard, said: "Lucy has really raised the profile of recycling in our school and her enthusiasm for it is infectious."

This month, Terracycle is running a competition to collect the most biscuit wrappers, with extra cash rewards.

You can help Burchetts Green Infants School win by dropping off wrappers at any of the collection points.

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