Campaigning pupil impresses MP with toilet plea

Campaigning pupil impresses MP with toilet plea

Luke Matthews

Campaigning pupil impresses MP with toilet plea

A campaigning pupil has impressed Home Secretary Theresa May with her quest to improve the school toilets.

The student council at All Saints Junior School began writing letters to companies asking for help, but seven-year-old Zara Loras also took it upon herself to seek out the advice of Maidenhead's MP.

To everyone's surprise, the youngster received a reply from the House of Commons to say that the Mrs May would be paying a special visit to meet Zara and her fellow pupils.

On Friday, the Home Secretary held a 20 minute assembly at the school in Westborough Road, answering questions for the students, before talking to Zara and inspecting the toilets for herself.

Alison Borgese, assistant headteacher at the school, said: "Zara was over the moon about it.

"She [Theresa May] said to keep going and she could have a career in politics."

Following the visit, the school has put plans in place to steam clean and redecorate the toilets.

Mrs May, who invited the school student council to visit the Houses of Parliament in the summer, said: "I received a very impressive letter from Zara a few weeks ago explaining that she and the school council were trying to improve the toilet facilities at All Saints School and asking if I could help.

"It was really good to visit the school and to meet Zara and the other pupils in person.

"It is great to see young people taking an interest in issues that affect them and I was very impressed with what they are doing."

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