Stakeholders meet to discuss York Road proposals

Stakeholders meet to discuss York Road proposals

James Preston

Stakeholders meet to discuss York Road proposals

Stakeholders from the likes of the Nicholsons Centre, the Shanly Group and Maidenhead Waterways have met to discuss the future of the York Road opportunity area in Maidenhead.

This week, ambitious plans to create a flagship town civic quarter were floated by the Royal Borough, and are due to be discussed by cabinet members next week.

The potential proposals could include space for offices, homes, a cafe, restaurants, cultural and community facilities, together with a public square.

Interested parties gathered together at a meeting at Maidenhead Town Hall this morning to hear more about the plans from Cllr MJ Saunders, cabinet member for planning and property, and borough officers.

Much of the discussion focused on how the development would tie in with other potential developments in the town centre, including proposals for the Broadway Triangle.

Cllr Saunders said he would raise the possibility of extending the development area to include land between York Road and Queen Street to make the two projects fit together better.

Focus was also given to how the cultural space would be used and the role of Maidenhead Heritage Centre, which would be demolished and incorporated into the new development as part of the plan.

Cllr Saunders said, if the initial report is approved by cabinet members, a commitment would be made to taking the plans to the outline planning stage 'whatever else happens'.

He added the borough was 'not going to hang about' in seeking a third party developer to join the scheme and would seek discussions with landowners on the site as soon as possible.

The cabinet will meet at the Windsor Guildhall on Thursday, February 27.

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