Girl, 11, on fundraising mission after father's cancer diagnosis

Girl, 11, on fundraising mission after father's cancer diagnosis

James Preston

Girl, 11, on fundraising mission after father's cancer diagnosis

A father has spoken of his pride after his brave daughter responded to his cancer diagnosis by raising cash to fight the disease.

Islay and Serena


Serena Joyce has already raised £850 for Cancer Research UK in the six weeks since her dad, David, was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

The 11-year-old refused to let the news get her down and began to text and message her friends to get donations.

She said: "When I first heard the news I though that cancer is really terrible and I really want to defeat it.

"I know that it's a really hard time for people that have cancer."

The keen horse rider, who lives in Lee Lane, Pinkneys Green, is planning a 16-mile sponsored dog walk with mum, Deborah, and her four-year-old labrador, Islay, around Dorney Lake in March to raise funds for the charity.

Bed and breakfast owner David, who is set to undergo a crucial operation in Oxford next week, said his daughter's response had shown 'some good' had come out of his diagnosis.

The 54-year-old said: "Almost immediately she said 'I want to try and do something to raise money'.

"I was slightly surprised by her determination. It was very much 'I'm going to do this, when can I do it? What can I do?'.

"I'm hugely proud of her and I think it's fantastic."

Serena, who described her dad as a 'really fun and loving person', said her friends and family had told her her fundraising was a 'really good idea' and had pledged generous amounts when they heard what she was doing.

The pupil at Newlands Girls' School in Farm Road, Maidenhead, said she was proud of her fundraising and hoped to reach a target of £1,000, but hasn't ruled out raising more if she can.

Visit here to sponsor Serena.

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