Video: Residents oppose developing flood-hit Spencers Farm

Video: Residents oppose developing flood-hit Spencers Farm

Simon Meechan

Video: Residents oppose developing flood-hit Spencers Farm

Proposals to build houses in Spencers Farm have angered people who live in neighbouring streets.

This aerial photo taken by Rob Evans shows flooding in the site

The 20 hectare site to the north of Lutman Lane is one of 23 greenbelt areas which the Royal Borough is considering opening up for development as part of the Borough Local Plan.

The area fell victim to the floods, with the field submerged with water, and access to nearby Cookham restricted

It forms the boundary between Maidenhead and Cookham Rise.

Jane Moore, from Lutman Lane, is strongly opposed to plans to build there, saying it floods regularly. Development, she says, would raise the water table further and exacerbate flooding.

She added that she thinks the infrastructure would not be able to cope with more people.

Jane said: "The whole problem of overcrowding is compounded.

"Already we have emergency services finding it very difficult to get to anybody."

Katharine Lowry has lived in Lutman Lane since 1971.

She said that road access is poor in the area, and any roads built for a new development would certainly suffer from flooding.

She added that the fields opposite Lutman Lane often turns into 'a large lake'.

Ruth Middleton, who moved to nearby Westmead last year. She is also concerned about the congestion extra cars will cause, saying it will make traffic dangerous.

She said: "You already take your life into your own hands turning into our road."

Ruth added: "If they are big family houses they're going to be filled up by families with kids.

"Which schools are they going to go to?"

Allan Clark's daughter has recently bought a house in Lutman Lane.

He said: "Sacrificing greenbelt land for building and development is regrettable. If there is a flood risk it's irresponsible."

Spencers Farm was suggested by Summerleaze, the sites owner, as a potential new home for Furze Platt Senior School and 350 homes in 2012.

That idea was blocked by the Royal Borough.

Watch a video showing flooding on the site by Rob Evans filmed using a a remote controlled glider.

spencersfarm from Rob Evans on Vimeo.

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