Tributes paid to 'wonderful mum' who died of Sudden Death Syndrome

Tributes paid to 'wonderful mum' who died of Sudden Death Syndrome

Lucy Golding

Tributes paid to 'wonderful mum' who died of Sudden Death Syndrome

Tributes have been paid to a popular 45-year-old mother-of-two from Maidenhead after her sudden death from a hidden heart condition.

Emma Louise Ross, from Boyn Valley Road, was a victim of Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome - often known as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome - which can strike without warning.

She died following a bout of unexplained blackouts that had seen her taken to Wexham Park Hospital twice in a week.

Doctors ran tests and were unable to pinpoint the cause so sent her home.

Later at home Emma Louise, who was being looked after by her mum Carol, appeared to be recovering.

Carol, of Ray Lea Road, said: "We had a nice evening together. We watched a girly film and had a laugh and a giggle."

"She went up to bed and I went downstairs to get some water, came up again and she was dead."

Described by her friends as loyal, quick-witted and brilliant with the written word, Emma Louise had been enjoying her new job of HR manager at Bracknell-based IT company Equipos.

"She was very happy and she had really excelled in her life. She was just sailing along nicely," added Carol.

The active former Furze Platt Secondary School pupil had a wide circle of friends, enjoyed the gym, swimming and shopping.

She loved spending time with her children, Scarlett, 22, and Matthew, 18.

Emma Louise had also worked at the former Bump & Baby store in West Street, Marlow.

Since her death Carol and dad Bob have received several letters about Emma Louise, including messages from past-employers.

Carol said: "A company she first worked for 20 years ago said what a bubbly, happy person Emma Louise was."

"She left an impression everywhere she went."

Emma Louise passed away on Thursday, December 5.

Her funeral will be held tomorrow after the family had to wait for post-mortem results before it could take place.

The service is being held at Chilterns Crematorium in Whielden Lane, Amersham, at 2pm followed by a wake at Green Acres in Beaconsfield.

An inquest will be held on Thursday, July 17.

Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome kills 600 people every year in the UK.

According to the British Heart Foundation (BHF), warning signs can include blackouts and dizzy spells that occur randomly. It can also be genetic.

Call 03004 568383 for information.

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