Open Kitchen team up with market greengrocer

Open Kitchen team up with market greengrocer

Luke Matthews

Open Kitchen team up with market greengrocer

The Open Kitchen team have launched a new programme to help people buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

The charity gives out £5 vouchers which can be used at Anthony Reynolds' fruit and vegetable stall in Maidenhead High Street and then swaps the vouchers for cash with Anthony at the end of each week. 

The project has been funded by a large anonymous contribution and other donations.

Open Kitchen founder Sue Brett said: "It's something that we will continue doing because it's making such a difference to people's lives."

Last week also saw Open Kitchen start to a new frozen food initiative so that members can take meals home with them.

Sue is looking to brighten up the foodshare centre in King Street and has teamed up with Art on the Street's Marie Leonard.

The pair are looking to create a mural on the centre wall but need donations of materials or money to get it started.

Visit Boville Wright art shop in High Street or contact to donate.

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