Wettest January for town since 1859

Wettest January for town since 1859

Glenn Mitchell

Wettest January for town since 1859

Constant downpours have seen this month confirmed as the wettest January in Maidenhead since records began in 1859.


Meteorologist Roger Brugge, who lives in the town, said more than double the normal level of rain has fallen so far and the figures could go higher with more wet weather forecast today and tomorrow.

As of 7am today, 147.9mm had fallen through the month. The normal January rainfall is 61mm.

The previous wettest January was 1988 when the average was 131mm.

The average winter rainfall for the town, which would span the period December-February, is 169mm but the 2014 figures already stand at 250.2mm.

Despite the atrocious weather, the town escaped the major flooding problems seen in neighbouring towns and villages. Parts of the Windsor and Twyford areas were badly hit along with Marlow and Cookham.

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