Dedicated youngsters receive Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Dedicated youngsters receive Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Simon Meechan

Dedicated youngsters receive Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Months of hard work were rewarded as youngsters received their Duke of Edinburgh  (DofE) Awards at a ceremony on Tuesday.

Mayor of Windsor and Maidenhead Andrew Jenner with Gold Award recipients

The Mayor of Windsor and Maidenhead, Cllr Andrew Jenner, was on hand to present the hard-earned prizes at the Youth Achievement Awards, held at the Magnet Leisure Centre, Holmanleaze.

The DofE comes in three grades, gold, silver and bronze. The night saw 176 recipients, 16 of those achieved gold awards.

Youngsters taking part complete a programme including volunteering, physical challenges, skills and an expedition. The under-25s spend up to 18-months dedicating an at least an hour a week to their chosen volunteering, physical and skills activities.

A group of Royal Borough teenagers completed their four-day gold level expedition in the summer, when they canoed 60 miles through Scotland, from Fort William to Inverness.

Former scout Luke Crisford was among the gold award recipients.The 18-year-old explained that he gained valuable experience in teamwork and preparation from the four-day jaunt through Scotland.

The expedition lived up to Furze Platt sixth-former Matilda Rose's love of adventure.

The 18-year-old said: "It was very challenging, because we do 60 miles in four days. I think we all motivated each other so we didn't give up. It was pelting it down with rain and we wanted to give up, but we all carried on."

The Gold Award winner recommends youngsters sign up for the scheme."Definitely give it a go. If you start with bronze you get a small hint at it. Try it out, it's a brilliant experience, and it's good for CVs as well."

Ayesha Sithirapathy, from Bray, also earned gold. She gained skills in basketball and drumming, and volunteered at a brownies group.

The 17-year-old said: "It's a really fun experience to do, really good for making friends. Team work is the main thing, You get all your friends through it together."

Gold award recipient Andrew Burdett, who showed a video of his expedition at the ceremony, said: “Last summer, I set off on the trip of a lifetime. It wasn’t especially glamorous; no holiday, by any means.

“Midges bit continuously at my face. Rain poured down relentlessly, whilst chilled winds howled through the valley in which we canoed.

“But as my DofE comrades and I ventured along Scotland’s stunning Great Glen fault-line, we smiled and sang our way to Inverness. Our flotilla of four little boats was one tiny, insignificant blot on the landscape. Entirely self-sufficient, we canoed, cooked and camped together for four extraordinary days and, in doing so, learnt the vital importance of teamwork.

“Collecting my gold award on Tuesday, I felt a tremendous sense of pride: the pride of finishing, of sticking it out and seeing it through.

“It wasn’t easy but ultimately it all proved highly rewarding.”

Gold Award Winners

Andrew Burdett,Andrew Lane, Ayesha Sithirapathy, Camilla Price, Dominic Price, Edward Salisbury, Hardeep Hans, Jay Brickell, Luke Crisford, Matilda Rose, Matthew Carr, Rachel Jobson, Sam Jacob, Samuel Haslam, Talia Drew, Thomas Greenfield

Silver Award Winners

Anaka Nair, Andrew Burdett, Ayesha Sithirapathy, Danielle Bui, Dominic Price, Emily Sturrock, Emma Hopkins, Georgie Fahy, Huw Whitworth, Ingrid Lederman, Isobel Jobson, Jack Clifton, Jennifer Mulvany, Joey Tempest, Jonathan Gilmour, Jordan Day-Hunt, Mariah Dennis, Matilda Rose, Melanie Ravenscroft, Richard Hurst, Riina Takano, Sammy Nazif, Sarah Ebenezar, Simon Moore, Sophia Gooddy, Stephanie Greenslade, Taylor Aird

Bronze Award winners

Alejandro Serrano,  Alex Taylor, Alexander Von Sachsen-Altenburg, Alexandra Luzi, Alice Lavie , Alisha Fahey, Aliya Al-Adwani, Alys Illiffe, Amy Combe, Amy Roche, Anna Dutton, Anna Lasok, Antonia Seymour, Ariana Roscoe Emma Irwin, Beatrix Naylor Leyland, Ben Goldfinch, Ben Williams, Benjamin Jones, Billie-Lara Worrall Thompson, Caroline Campbell, Catherine Porter, Charlies Pye, Charlotte Comer, Chloe Phillips, Chloe Phillips, Christopher Harrington, Claire Evans, Daisey Denehy, Daisy Cave, Daisy Curran, Daniel Bailey, Daniel Peakcock, Dominic Currell, Dominic Hastings, Edward Lewis, Elinor Fresson, Elizabeth Parsons, Ella Jones, Ella Slais, Ellie-Fay Antinono, Sophie Brookman, Elsie Brown, Emily Hine, Emily Wallace, Emma Bartlett, Euan Russell-Murphy, Eugene Algar, Farah Reading-Reuter, Frances Weston, Francesca Bourgoyne , George Fowler, Grace Chambers, Hannah Coull, Hannah Dafinone, Harriette Worth, Harry Freeman Kavanagh Jones, Harry Matraves, Harry Pye, Harsheena Harji, Heather Armstrong, Holly Morrison, Holly Reynolds, Honey-Bee Crew-Read (ok), Hope Rangaswami, India Green, Isaac  Gardiner , Isabella Spratley, Isabelle Smeeton, Jack Cooper, Jacob Baguley, James Elliot, Jasmine Chapman, Joe Hayes, Jonah Croxford, Joseph Singleton, Julie Fitzpatrick, Kalyani Pandya, Katherine Homa, Kathy Huang, Katie Fyffe, Katie Rutherford, Kenzie Ellis, Kiera Green, Kimberley Ravenscroft, Lara Faber-Johnson, Lauren Wridem, Lucy Allen, Lucy Drew, Lucy Molloy, Luke Smith  Elizabeth Filler, Madeline Jenkins, Maleeha Mir, Matilda Cotterell, Matthew Carruthers, Matthew Davies, Matthew Rosolemos, Max Lucas, Maximilian Norstrom, Michael Beer, Millicent Hyde, Millie Craythorne-Hall, Molly Carroll, Nakeela Gill, Olamide Ogundare, Paige Hunt, Rachel Beavis, Rafaella Johnson, Rebecca Muncie, Ren Woods, Romina Bedroud, Rosie Bevan, Sabrina Khan, Samantha Greenslade, Samuel Coles, Samuel Hewitt, Samuel Matchan, Samuel Veasey, Sarah Chapman, Sarah Forghani, Serena Eyi, Shivka Babbar, Simon Havers, Simran Bedi, Sophie Hurst, Sophie Pennick, Sophie Spratley, Sophie Tudge, Taylor Hartnett, Thomas Bateman, Thomas Penny, Venecia Wong, William Thomson

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