Cat lucky to survive kicking attack

Cat lucky to survive kicking attack

Simon Meechan

Cat lucky to survive kicking attack

Vets say a cat who suffered life threatening injuries was probably attacked by a human.

Robin was found 'yelping' by his owner


 Six-year-old Robin's owner was alarmed when the ginger Tom arrived at his High Wycombe home on Sunday, January 19, 'yowling' in pain.

Vets at the Summerleaze Road surgery carried out x-rays on the ginger Tom, and found a series of horrific injuries.

They discovered his diaphragm and thorax were split. His spleen, pancreas, stomach, liver and intestines had been pushed into his chest cavity.  He also had a tear in one lung causing it to leak air.

Vet Kenny Sherwood said the cat's injuries were 'targeted', suggesting he had been kicked.

He said: "People need to understand that while it maybe a throw away action just shooing a cat away by giving it a kick, if you connect to a certain degree you can cause serious injuries."

Kenny added that Robin is recovering, but without treatment he would certainly have died.

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