Error gives pensioner free parking for a year

Error gives pensioner free parking for a year

James Preston

Error gives pensioner free parking for a year

A baffled pensioner says his attempts to do the honest thing have fallen on deaf ears after he inadvertently gained free access to a town centre car park.

Derek Beardsley and his wife, Daphne, say they just want to be honest


Derek Beardsley has been using the Nicholsons Centre car park, in Broadway, Maidenhead, without charge for the past year, despite making a number of attempts to get the error corrected.

The 79-year-old is signed up to the ParkREG system which allows users to enter and exit the car park without using ticket machines, taking money from a bank account afterwards.

The barriers at the car park let him enter and exit, but he is yet to see the visits come up on his bank statements.

"My kids say carry on parking for free," said the father-of-two, who lives in Southwood Gardens, Cookham.

"I don't like owing it because, Sod's law, it catches up with you eventually."

Derek, who uses the car park once or twice a week, got in touch which the Royal Borough as soon as he noticed the error.

He was directed to contact contractors ParkREG, but was left frustrated by the response.

"You get the reaction that they don't see how that can happen and they don't know who to put you in touch with," said Derek.

"They said send us an email but at my age I'm not into computer technology.

"I pick up the phone and expect someone to answer it."

Derek, whose wife, Daphne, 77, also uses the car park, added: "We are only trying to be honest."

A spokesman for the Royal Borough said ParkREG 'generates tens of thousands of successful transactions a year' but there may be some instances when incorrect information is entered or there is a system error.

He added: "Payment and account issues need to be resolved directly with ParkREG."

ParkREG was unavailable for comment.

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