Home Secretary calls for Crossrail to extend to Twyford

Home Secretary calls for Crossrail to extend to Twyford

Lucy Elder

Home Secretary calls for Crossrail to extend to Twyford

MP Theresa May is calling for Crossrail to be extended to Twyford.


Twyford Station


At a meeting involving Rob Wilson, MP for Reading East; senior representatives from Crossrail, Network Rail and First Great Western (FGW), Mrs May shared her views on extending the £15bn service.

Crossrail is due to come to Maidenhead in 2019 and will provide a direct service to central London stations.

The Home Secretary and Mr Wilson agreed that semi-fast Crossrail services should be run alongside those already offered by FGW.

"There are clear benefits to extending Crossrail for my constituents in Twyford," said Mrs May, who is MP for Twyford.

"I am pleased that this is being given very serious consideration and I hope that we will hear more about this soon."

Twyford Station, in Station Road, saw 1,885,000 passengers pass through its gates in 2012/13.

This was an increase of 0.4 per cent from the number of travellers over the same time frame in 2011/12.

The meeting was held to discuss the progress of Crossrail, its implications for Maidenhead and the possibility of its extension to Twyford and Reading at the House of Commons on Tuesday, January 7.

"I am sure they were left in no doubt about my view that Crossrail must complement the existing FGW services, not replace them," said Mrs May.

Wokingham borough councillor Lindsay Ferris (Lib Dem, Twyford), said he agreed with Mrs May.

"My view has always been that finishing Crossrail at Maidenhead did not make a lot of sense," he said.

"The only issue we might have is the length of the platform in Twyford. The Crossrail trains are quite long so it could be an issue of having to extend the platform."

He added that he would also like to see South West Trains run some fast or semi-fast trains through Wokingham and surrounding villages to London Waterloo take some pressure off Twyford Station.

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