Artist completes 100 days of painting

Artist completes 100 days of painting challenge

Simon Meechan

Artist completes 100 days of painting

An artist who set out to complete a new painting for 100 consecutive days has finished her epic challenge.

Harriet kept a blog of her progress


Harriet Brittaine was inspired by the blog of an American who successfully completed the same challenge.

The 30-year-old, who is a director of the Art on the Street market scheme which draws thousands of shoppers into the town centre, began her project by painting craft feathers on Tuesday, October 1.

Her final piece, from Wednesday, January 8, was of the equipment she used during the three-month period - a pallet knife and two paintbrushes.

"My main aim was to improve the quality of my work, which I think I've achieved,” said Harriet, who combines painting and teaching art with working at Bovilles Art Shop in the High Street.

"I wanted to paint material, everyday objects. Then you have put them in a different light.

"It's nice because it's engaging a lot of people. They quite like the idea because every single day you can go back and something new is produced."

The biomedical science graduate, from Wootton Way, even took her work with her on holidays and evenings out.

She said: "My partner went on a business trip to Hamburg and I went with him. I was in the hotel room with terrible mood lighting, trying to paint the building out the window. The setting was terrible, I had to use my iPhone torch to tee the colours."

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