In pictures: Young Enterprise

In pictures: Young Enterprise

Simon Meechan

In pictures: Young Enterprise

Ties made from recycled denim were amongst the products which business-minded teens showed off at an enterprise showcase in the Nicholsons Centre.

Students from schools from across the Royal Borough and Slough have put their spare-time towards taking part in Young Enterprise, which sees them start up a business from scratch, create a product and ultimately sell it.

A trade-fair at the Nicholsons Centre in Maidenhead gave an opportunity for the youngsters to flog their wares to shoppers on Saturday.

A team from Herschel Grammar School in Slough were selling neckties they had made from denim.

The green-thinking fasion designers used material 'upcycled' from jeans acquired from an RSPCA charity shop.

They said they have sold 20 ties at the school in Northampton Avenue, and by noon had already shifted 10 at the trade fair.

Herschel Grammar teacher Ashley Johnson said: "The children give up their own time after school to set up their own business.

"We think its a really good opportunity to learn outside the classroom and have the opportunity to fail, get up from it and learn from mistakes."

Pupils from Newlands Girls' School in Farm Road, Maidenhead, were showing off their tie-dye t-shirts.

Their brand, 'Humdinger', offers one-off designs.

Sapir Tel, 16, said: "They are all unique, so they won't be the same. That's our unique selling point."

Jenny Scully is manager of Young Enterprise in Slough and Windsor.

She said: "They're learning a lot about themselves. Their ability to deal with problems and challenges, the sort of things they would not normally do. They are the sort of things employers are looking for."

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