Dog that mauled pet sheep at manor house still not found

Dog that mauled pet sheep at manor house still not found

Lucy Golding

Dog that mauled pet sheep at manor house still not found

Shaken-up grounds staff at a Cox Green manor house fear an unidentified dog that mauled three pet sheep and went for the gardener could attack again if it is not found soon.

More than three weeks has past since the ferocious dog, believed to be a black Labrador, entered the wooden fenced enclosure on Tuesday, December 17 at the medeival mansion in Ockwells Lane and caused the sheep fatal injuries.

Gardener Clive Jordan, of Belmont Crescent, came face-to-face with the animal after noticing the two other unharmed sheep in the pen were acting strangely at about 4pm and made his way to see what was wrong.

It was then Clive saw the heavily injured sheep and the dog standing nearby, which he said was wearing a collar.

The dog then 'lunged' at the 55-year-old, who has worked Ockwells for four years, before he managed ward it off by waving a stick.

"I didn't hit the dog but I tried to get him off, it was shocking," said Clive who found it difficult to see clearly in the fading light.

It then ran off into nearby woodland.

All three sheep, which were kept as pets by Ockwells Manor House owner Brian Stein, had to be put down.

Other staff members rushed to help the sheep, including Kim O'Connor who looks after the horses at Ockwells, before soon realising it was too late to save them.

Kim said: "The dog would have come home to its owner covered in blood."

She added: "This type of behaviour is repetitive."

"We have two more sheep and horses and children play in a nearby park so this is very worrying."

The police have yet been unable to track the dog or its owner and there have been no reports of similar attacks.

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