Recycling rewards to benefit charities

Recycling rewards to benefit charities

Lucy Elder

Recycling rewards to benefit charities

Good recycling habits can now earn cash for charities in a new Royal Borough scheme.

The council has teamed-up with Greenredeam, an organisation that provides points rewards for 'green' actions, to provide residents with more choice as to how they use their points.

Residents can now redeem their points by donating them to one of the organisations bidding for cash in the Royal Borough's Network Budget scheme.

The £20,000 scheme gives organisations and charities the chance to net council cash by putting their projects online and encouraging people to vote for them.

The projects with the most votes every two months will be given up to £2,000 and there will be the possibility of a further £2,000 in match funding.

Launched on Wednesday, December 18, this is the first time reward points have been used in a participatory budget scheme.

Cllr David Burbage, council leader and chairman of the cabinet participatory budget sub committee, said: "In this case points really do mean prizes for the organisations that attract residents' support."

Visit the Neighbourhood Budget voting area at for information.

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