MP Theresa May speaks of Maidenhead's 'bright future'

MP Theresa May speaks of Maidenhead's 'bright future'

Michael Owens

MP Theresa May speaks of Maidenhead's 'bright future'

Theresa May MP has spoken of a 'bright future' for the town at an event at the House of Commons.

The Home Secretary emphasised the town’s potential as a centre for business, commerce, culture and leisure to more than 50 company representatives on Wednesday, December 18.

The Transforming Maidenhead event was organised by the Royal Borough based on an idea from the Partnership for the Rejuvenation of Maidenhead (PRoM) to attract further investment and development in the town.

Mrs May emphasised the number of national and international businesses that already have headquarters or offices in the town centre as a sign of its appeal.

"There are few areas of the country with a greater proportion of businesses located in these burgeoning industries that are so important for the UK’s future as a competitive economic nation," she said.

"The future for Maidenhead undoubtedly lies, at least in part, as a centre for high-tech industries as part of the wider M4 corridor."

Mrs May boasted of projects already under way or planned for the town and residents’ desire  to attract more people into the town centre, particularly in the evenings.

Plans for major development in the Chapel Arches area, due to start early in 2014, were cited as one of the major projects in the town centre.

Royal Borough bosses also spoke at the event and praised volunteer organisations such as PRoM, Maidenhead Waterways and Art on the Street for their hand in the town’s resurgence.

PRoM chairman Bob Dulson said its aim was to realise the community's ambitions for Maidenhead as a 'destination of choice'.

This could be achieved through projects that reflected residents’ desire for good urban design and high quality architecture.

"We have been very encouraged by the level of interest already," he said.

"Maidenhead’s immense potential is clear for all to see."

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