Rolf Harris faces three further sexual assault charges

Rolf Harris faces three further sexual assault charges

Simon Meechan

Rolf Harris faces three further sexual assault charges

TV star Rolf Harris has been charged with three further counts of sexual assault, including charges of indecently assaulting two children.

Harris is accused of sexually assaulting a girl 'aged seven or eight' in either 1968 or 1969, a 14-year-old in 1975, and a woman aged 19 in 1984.

The allegations join a list of 13 offences which the Fishery Road resident was charged with in August.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) says the 19-year-old is the same alleged victim as in six of the earlier charges brought against the Australian entertainer.

A CPS spokesman said: "The CPS has decided that Rolf Harris is to be prosecuted over a further three allegations of indecent assault. The three counts will be prosecuted in addition to the 13 alleged sexual offences with which Mr. Harris was charged on 29 August 2013. The alleged offences relate to one existing complainant and two new complainants.

"These three allegations were included in the file sent to the CPS by the Metropolitan Police in August of this year, however as part of the ongoing review process for all cases, it has been decided that these allegations should be formally added to the indictment as further counts.

"Evidence relating to these further counts has already been served on the court and the defence, so it is not necessary for Mr. Harris to appear again at Magistrates Court. He will next appear at Southwark Crown Court for a plea and case management hearing on 14 January 2014."

The 83-year-old's trial is set to take place on April 30.

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