Police warning about bank card courier scam

Police warning about bank card courier scam

Simon Meechan

Police warning about bank card courier scam

A warning has been issued by police about a banking scam.

Fraudsters masquerading as bank or police staff are phoning people saying there has been suspicious activity on their account.

They then advise the person to call the number on the back of their bank card.

Meanwhile the scammer keeps the line open and pretends to be part of the bank's customer service team.

They then ask for the PIN number and an address.

A courier then picks up the card, which they are able to use with the pin number.

Police, who recommend never revealing your PIN, say the cheats are targeting elderly and vulnerable residents.

Detective sergeant Nicole James, from Thames Valley Police's Economic Crime Unit, said: “The fraudsters who carry out this type of crime are very skilled in portraying themselves as authentic bank employees or police detectives, and make the scam seem genuine by asking the victim to ring their bank.

"Our advice is that, if you receive such a call, end it immediately.

“We would also like to ask residents to let any elderly or vulnerable family members, friends, or neighbours know about the scam. Remember, your bank will never attend your home; and neither the bank nor the police will ever collect your bank card or ask for your PIN. The more we can spread the word about this type of fraud, the less success the fraudsters will have.”

This type of fraud has been reported 107 times to Thames Valley Police since May.

Call 101 with information.

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