Flash mob entertains shoppers

Flash mob entertains shoppers

Francis Batt

Flash mob entertains shoppers

Shoppers in Maidenhead High Street got a surprise on Saturday when people burst into song all around them.

It was not a Hollywood musical though but children from Corinne Carlisle's Studios School of Performing Arts staging a 'flash mob'.

Corinne said: "One girl who is only 14 started it off by singing outside Wilkinsons. Then others came from different areas nearby to join in.

"There were 21 of us including parents and we stayed for about half an hour singing.

"It all tied in with work we have been doing on confidence and coping with unpredictability in live performances. We had rehearsed it first of course - the children were so excited to be doing it and I'm so proud of them."

The school is for children aged five to 16 and meets every Saturday at the WI Hall in Institute Road, Taplow.

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