Travellers arrive at new site on Shurlock Road

Travellers arrive at new site on Shurlock Road

James Preston

Travellers arrive at new site on Shurlock Road

The travellers saga in Shurlock Road in Waltham St Lawrence has taken a new twist after two caravans set up camp on common land further down the road.

The new camp off Shurlock Road


The caravans arrived on the land, at the junction with Downfield Road, at about lunchtime yesterday, prompting a number of residents on the roads to call the police and council in protest.

A group of travellers remain posted just a few hundred yards down the road at Five Oaks Farm and are in the middle of a lengthy High Court battle with the Royal Borough over plans to evict them.

They have been at the site for four years.

Speaking to the Advertiser today, one of the travellers on the new site, who referred to herself as Mrs Smith, said two caravans were ordered to move out of Five Oaks Farm yesterday.

She said the families had been at the original site for the full four years and added: "We understand the residents here. We don't want trouble here but Maidenhead council had us off.

"We have got everybody on it. We would rather be back there [at Five Oaks Farm] than here."

Residents on Downfield Road and Shurlock Road said they are keen to see the situations resolved and said they had been told the council was due to visit the site today.

One woman, who asked not to be named, said: "We went over and asked what they were doing and they said they didn't want any trouble.

"The council haven't been over and the police haven't been very helpful. They've just left it basically."

The Advertiser has contacted the Royal Borough for comment.

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