VIDEO: Travel author begins filming for Italian adventure

VIDEO: Travel author begins filming for Italian adventure

Luke Matthews

VIDEO: Travel author begins filming for Italian adventure

A travel author who dreams of being the next Michael Palin has embarked on his very own Italian job.

Luke Darracott has turned his writing hand to presenting for a pilot episode of a new series called Italy by Vespa, under the guidance of Spanish director Roque Madrid.

The 26-year-old began the project while he puts the finishing touches to his second book, which follows his 760-mile walk on a pilgrimage route through Spain.

A week of filming in Italy shadowed Luke visiting vineyards and hunting truffles. He now hopes the programme can be picked up by English broadcasters.

"The plan is to get it made into a full series," said the Medallion Place resident.

"Ideally we see it being on BBC 2 or Channel 4, it's that type of documentary.

"I had never been to Italy before. I studied up on it so that I didn't look like an idiot.

"I haven't done any presenting but I did a video blog when I was travelling in Spain so I'm used to talking to a camera.

"I enjoyed it. My dream job pretty much would be to be Michael Palin, if someone would pay me to travel and write about it afterwards."

The author spent his summer walking the way of St. James in Spain and is now in the process of editing his experiences for his second book, which could be called 'El Camino'.

Luke is aiming to have the script finished in the new year, when he will find a literary agent and hopefully have his work published.

"Spain is always attractive to English people and the walk I did is unknown enough to be interesting," he said.

"Other books have been written with more spiritual or jaded views. I like to think that I have a different voice."

Italy by Vespa - Trailer from Cuarto Creciente Producciones on Vimeo.

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