New BCA 'skills' hub opens in town centre

New BCA 'skills' hub opens in town centre

Paul Miles

New BCA 'skills' hub opens in town centre

The 'pop-up' hub opened at its new Nicholsons Centre location on Thursday, November 28 and will enable shoppers to walk in and learn more about what the college has to offer.

Enabling more people to learn and take advantage of a variety of educational courses is the aim of the new Berkshire College of Agriculture (BCA) skills hub.

Speaking at the official launch party, principal of the college in Burchetts Green, Gillian May, said: "It is about waking Maidenhead up to the fact that we have a college.

"The heart of it is about giving opportunity to people of all ages.

"It is about doing something different and being creative and really holding hands with employers."

The new hub, which is next door to Clinton Cards, will also allow people to take some of the classes on site in its own teaching area.

It is also hoped it will help make the college more appealing to businesses in the area who will have the chance to talk to staff about taking on apprentices.

"We want to make it accessible and in the town centre it means a lot of people can come in for two hours, it does not have to be the whole day," added Gillian.

"It is only going to benefit the community, the regeneration effort and the college."

After Christmas, the hub will open from 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday and plans are in place to open on Saturdays too.

The new project was made possible by the Nicholsons Centre offering a one-year rent free deal to BCA.

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