Friends make charitable trip to deliver school supplies to Tanzania

Friends make charitable trip to deliver school supplies to Tanzania

Lucy Golding

Friends make charitable trip to deliver school supplies to Tanzania

A Tanzanian school has been provided with mosquito nets and sports equipment after a charitable trip made by an ex-pupil and her friend from Maidenhead.

Rose Schofield Webb, who lives in Camden Road and is a teacher at Maidenhead Nursery School, visited the Mnyakongo School in the village of Kongwa with Barbara Laing, of College Road, for 10 days in October.

Barbara, 69, attended Mnyakongo from the age of seven in 1952 after her father's job required the family to emigrate from the UK with her mother and two siblings.

The grandmother-of-two moved from Tanzania to South Africa and then back to England in 1978.

She spends the year raising money to purchase supplies and visits Mnyakongo whenever she can.

She said: "The school used to be run by the European government and we had everything we possibly needed. We didn't want for anything. Now they have nothing."

Every year Barbara fundraises between £2,500 and £3,000 for Mnyakongo.

This was the first time Rose has visited Mnyakonga as a way to build up a link with Maidenhead Nursery School, in School Lane.

In October Maidenhead Day Nursery raised £111 with a Teddy Bear's picnic which paid for books, skipping ropes and footballs.

Rose took questions with her posed by the nursery children to the children in Tanzania, including what makes them happy and what they do in their spare time.

The women, who've known each for six years, also donated 2,000 pens and 300 mosquito nets.

The fundraising also paid for a local man to build a 72,000 litre rainwater collection tank which is hoped will sustain a vegetable garden so the children can eat lunch and keep six goats to provide milk for the children's maize porridge.

"They got very excited," said Barbara, who worked for Maidenhead based business Nortel until her retirement, and said they were welcomed to Mynakongo with celebrations and dancing.

Rose is now looking forward showing the children at Maidenhead Nursery School a video of their visit and telling them the answers to their questions.

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