Brave woman saves man from drowning in freezing River Thames

Brave woman saves man from drowning in freezing River Thames

Nicola Hine

Brave woman saves man from drowning in freezing River Thames

A quick-thinking woman who saved a man from drowning in the river says the rescue has reignited her ambition to join the emergency services.

Abbie Young was walking along Ray Mead Road in Maidenhead on Saturday evening when she spotted the man clinging to the edge of the Thames.

"I was looking at the river and thinking how fast flowing it was. And then I saw him," she said.

The former Newlands Girls' School pupil dropped her bags and ran to the man's aid.

"He said 'I need some help' so I tried to get him out," she added.

Abbie, who lives off Oldfield Road, called 999 and began trying to pull the man from the water - but he proved too heavy for her.

She flagged down a passing couple who were able to help her heave the man out onto the side.

"He was really cold. His lips were blue," she said.

Police, paramedics and a fire engine raced to the scene shortly before 8pm.

Abbie, who works for Sanlam Private Investments in Marlow and Smokey Joe's in Maidenhead, said members of the emergency services praised her actions.

The man was taken to Wexham Park Hospital.

Police and the ambulance service said he was conscious but were unable to provide further updates.

Abbie said: "It all happened really quickly."

"I didn't really think about it. I just did it. I didn't know if I was stupid or not I was just determined to get him out."

The incident reawakened an old ambition in Abbie, who has always wanted to be a paramedic or police officer.

She applied to be a special constable two years ago.

But she failed the medical due to a problem with her blood pressure.

Saturday's events have convinced her to go for the job again.

"I've always wanted to help people," she said. "I'm going to try again now definitely."

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