Cub-scout receives final of all 46 badges

Cub-scout receives final of all 46 badges

Lucy Golding

Cub-scout receives final of all 46 badges

A fanatical Maidenhead cub-scout has completed all 46 badges in the book.

St Piran's School pupil Max Williams, has spent three and a half years working his way through the list of badges by putting his hand to a variety of activities, sports and skills.

The 10-year-old, who lives in Green Lane and a member of the Ninth Maidenhead Cubs, completed badges during cub meetings at the hut in Holmanleaze, at home and also at school.

Amongst the badges is ice skating, first aid, water sports and map reading.

Mum Karen said: "His scout leader Duncan Cribb has never heard of anybody who has done that before."

She added: "I am just pleased that he is so enthusiastic about something

I never have any argument about getting him to cubs each week."

During October half term Max visited Maidenhead Gurdwara in Rutland Road to learn about Sikhism for his 46th badge, the world faiths badge.

It was presented to him on Monday, November 4 as well as a certificate.

To receive a badge a cub must complete set-out criteria usually requiring them carry out background research on the subject and take part in a practical task.

As part of the chef badge, Max's favourite of the 46, he was required to learn about food hygiene and prepare a two course-meal.

Max is looking forward to competing in cub cookery competition next week where he will cook a Cajun chicken curry and a rhubarb pudding.

The keen cricketer is pleased to have learnt a range of life skills but says there was only one badge he knew nothing about.

"I started doing some karate for my Martial Arts Badge, but that was the only thing that was new to me," said Max who believes it will prove useful "when people are mean to him."

Max will be moving up to the scouts on Friday, November 22.

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