Cyclists given free safety equipment

Cyclists given free safety equipment

Michael Owens

Cyclists given free safety equipment

Cyclists were given the opportunity to pick up free safety equipment in Maidenhead for the darker autumn hours.

PCSO Andrew Davies and Community Warden Ashley Burton help Amber Manley, seven, and Dexter Manley, four stay safe.


The Royal Borough's road-safety team handed out lights and reflective wrist bands from a stall in King Street to encourage safer riding and reduce casualties.

In the last five years 59 cyclists have been injured during the month of November across Berkshire.

Twenty were injured in September and 40 in October.

The team also reminded residents they could face a £50 fine if they fail to use front and rear lights while cycling in the dark.

Cllr Geoff Hill, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "Not only is it important to light up and be seen as a cyclist at night, it also makes sense to stay on the right side of the law.

"The council is happy to support residents to stay safe on their bikes by giving out free lights."

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