Home Secretary opens skate park

Home Secretary opens skate park

Simon Meechan

Home Secretary opens skate park

Home secretary and Maidenhead MP Theresa May officially unveiled the Desborough Park skate park.

Theresa May unveiled Larchfield's skate park on Friday


Construction on the skate park began in June.  By mid-July the park was open for use.

The finishing touches were applied in October when turf was laid around the park's perimeter.

The Royal Borough's head of leisure services, Kevin Mist, said: "It's been phenomenal busy, it really has.

"It's been a massive attraction to all the local skaters, scooterers and BMXers."

The skate-park was funded by a £45,000 of section 106 money from the Royal Borough.

Section 106 money is collected from housing developers and spent in the community.

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