O2 signal problems continue in Maidenhead

O2 signal problems continue in Maidenhead

Simon Meechan

O2 signal problems continue in Maidenhead

Mobile phone users in Maidenhead are still struggling with little to no signal five days after O2 removed a telephone mast.

O2 customers have struggled with signal since Thursday

The mast in King Street was removed on Thursday as the building which housed it is undergoing development.

Since then the network's customers in the town centre have experienced a limited service. Mobile internet has been unavailable, with some people also struggling to make and receive calls and texts.

According to the telecommunications giant, a temporary mast is being installed close to the original site. A spokesman said they expected work to continue throughout Saturday and Sunday.

The company has also said it has boosted signals from other masts to try and combat the disrupted service.

But today customers have said they are still experiencing a disrupted service.

Disgruntled customers have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

The Slough based network have responded to the tweets stating: “The temp mast we've arranged around Maidenhead is expected to restore service by the end of this week.”

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