Police warning to prepare for adverse weather

Police warning to prepare for adverse weather

Police warning to prepare for adverse weather

Police are issuing advice and guidance to residents in the Thames Valley as the area is set to be hit by strong winds between 4am and 10am tomorrow.

 The Met Office has issued an amber wind warning for the south east including the Thames Valley.

 Winds are expected to reach speeds of 60mph to 70mph. In addition to the winds, heavy rain is forecast overnight tonight which could lead to localised surface water flooding, particularly when drainage systems may be blocked by wind-blown debris.

Gale-force winds could have a significant impact including the risk of:

•Falling trees

•Damage to building and other structures

•Flying debris

•Disruption to transport

•Disruption to power supplies

•Surface water flooding.

In preparation for the expected strong winds, police say residents should:

•Secure loose outdoor items such as garden furniture or ladders; and bring in as many items as possible that are lying around outside

•Securely fasten doors, windows, loft trapdoors and storm shutters

•Vehicles should be parked in the garage, if available; otherwise they should be kept clear of buildings, trees, walls and fences

•Ensure you have a torch available with spare batteries and a fully charged mobile phone

•Think carefully before you travel. Driving conditions are expected to be difficult this evening, overnight and tomorrow morning - if you do need to travel by road, plan your journey in advance and check the latest weather and driving conditions before you set out

•When on the road, be aware of sudden gusts of wind, and give high-sided vehicles, caravans, motorbikes and bicycles plenty of space

•Dial 101 when contacting police when it's not an emergency. Calling 999 when it is not an emergency can reduce our effectiveness at dealing with genuine emergencies

•Keep an eye on your local media websites for the very latest advice, as well as the Met Office

First Great Western says its key priority is ‘to run a safe railway’ and therefore ‘there will be a requirement to run trains at reduced speeds for all or part of the journey and some routes will have a reduced train service’.



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