Do you know your cholesterol level?

Do you know your cholesterol level?

Simon Meechan

Do you know your cholesterol level?

A heart charity is urging people in the Royal Borough to get their cholesterol checked.


Jules Payne, Amrit Jheeta and Emma Swiatek at Heart UK's c


Heart UK served a cholesterol friendly lunch at its base in North Road to spread the word about the health risks linked to high cholesterol.

Six out of 10 people in Britain face a serious health risk caused by high cholesterol. If left untreated it can cause heart disease and death.

Heart UK is raising awareness about familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH). FH is a hereditary condition which causes extremely high cholesterol. It affects approximately one in 500 people.

The charity's chief executive Jules Payne said: "This is a healthy area but it is still possible people do not know their cholesterol level."

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