Award for lifesaver who rescued driver from burning car

Award for lifesaver who rescued driver from burning car

Lucy Elder

Award for lifesaver who rescued driver from burning car
A bravery award has been handed to a lifesaver, who works in Maidenhead, who ignored his own safety to rescue a driver from the wreckage of a burning car.
Guy Monahan

Thames Valley Police has commended Guy Monahan for the 'highest order of good citizenship' after his selfless actions following the late-night smash in the village.

Guy, of Whistley Mill Lane, Hurst, was the first person on the scene after the car had veered off the road and smashed into a tree.

The supply chain operations manager at the head office of mobile phone firm 3 in Maidenhead said: "It was nearly 12 o'clock and I was just coming home. It is quite a sharp corner and quite a few people have come off there before.

"I saw the back end of the car poking out. I saw the flames so pulled over but couldn't see anybody."

The 32-year-old could see smoke billowing from the bonnet of the vehicle where it had hit the tree on the B3030 in Hurst.

"I ran over, looked in the driver's side and he was just slumped over to the left," said the dad-of-two.

"I got the door open, undid his seatbelt and dragged him out."

Within minutes the car and the tree it had smashed into were engulfed in flames.

An elderly couple also stopped to help. The wife was a former nurse who was in her nightgown and had been collecting her husband from Twyford Train Station.

She helped put the injured driver in the recovery position as her husband shouted at her to 'get back' as the fire spread.

The remains of the tree at the crash site in the B3030


Guy remembered how the injured driver was making moaning sounds and had blood on his face.

He said the windows 'blew out' of the car before police and ambulance staff arrived.

The emergency services put the man on a stretcher before calling Guy back to help them carry the injured driver over the six-foot ditch.

A police officer visited Guy several days later to let him know the driver was fine.

The crash was on the night of March 14.

Guy was commended at a Chief Constable's ceremony on Thursday, October 10, at Drayton Park Golf Club.

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