VOX POP: What can be done about rising energy bills?

VOX POP: What can be done about rising energy bills?

The shock announcement of major rises in energy bills has been a big talking point.

But is there anything anyone can do about it?

Reporter Francis Batt took to the streets of Maidenhead to ask people what they think.


DARRYL Roberts, from Cookham, said: "They always blame the need for repair works on the pipes every year. Yet the work never seems to have been done when the next big rise is announced. When are they going to say they are up to date with the infrastructure instead of constantly using it as an excuse?"

His wife Deborah said: "I work with elderly people and see the result when they are afraid to put the heating on because of the bills."


SARAH Copeland, from Maidenhead, said: "It is young people I feel sorry for. We pay by direct debit and my husband find ways of getting costs down but it is not that simple for struggling younger families."


YOUNG mum Laura Leftley, from Maidenhead, said: "We are living with my family so it does not affect us directly. But we are trying to save up for a place of our own and rising fuel prices are just one more thing to worry about."


ROBERT and Julie Forrest are from Slough. Julie said: "The cost never seems to come down but you hear all the time about people in charge getting large bonuses."


MICHAEL Kerr, from Bourne End, said: "There is definitely something not quite right about all this. This is the second year running the energy bills have gone up. There is always an excuse and nothing gets done about it - it just makes you more sure that something is going on that should not be."

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