Furze Platt volunteer goes to great lengths

Furze Platt volunteer goes to great lengths

Simon Meechan

Furze Platt volunteer goes to great lengths
For many Sunday is for staying at home, eating and watching television.

But for Sarah Robbins it is certainly not a day of rest.

The 16-year-old, from Beverley Gardens, was named volunteer of the year in the 16-25 age group by Windsor and Maidenhead Voluntary Action at its awards ceremony on October 8.

The Furze Platt Senior School sixth former rounds off her weekend with a double dose of volunteering at Windsor Horse Rangers in Fifield and SportsAble's swimming sessions at the Magnet Leisure Centre in Holmanleaze.

SportsAble hires two pools at the Magnet so disabled people and their families can enjoy a swim.

Sarah is a qualified lifeguard and helps match the swimmers to helpers. She began volunteering there two years ago.

She says juggling schoolwork with the volunteering is a challenge but worthwile because of the rewards that come from helping others.

"There's one girl that goes called Julie," she said.

"She can't speak but makes noises to indicate what she wants. Every week when I get over to her she's always really bubbly and smiling."

She added: "There's a lady, at her first session she didn't want to get in the water. Now she's swimming lengths on her own! It's really good to see."

Her brother Stuart, 14, attends SportsAble's swimming and table tennis sessions.

At Windsor Horse Rangers Sarah helps children ride and look after the horses. She has been involved there since she was eight.

Sarah says she would encourage everyone to volunteer and SportsAble always needs help.

"Anyone who wants to come is welcome. You can just come down one evening, see if you enjoy it and then apply from there."

"Volunteering is really rewarding for you to do.

"The people are realy grateful that you help out. It's just a really good thing."

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