School handed £222k grant to fund expansion

School handed £222k grant to fund expansion

Simon Meechan

School handed £222k grant to fund expansion

Extra cash has been secured for the expansion of a Maidenhead school after the Royal Borough said pupil numbers increased 'a year earlier than expected'.

The £222,000 grant comes from the Government's basic needs funding which is used for school expansions.

The money will be added to the pre-existing budget of £300,000 to provide greater capacity for the 2014 school year at Furze Platt Junior School.

The expansion of the site in Oaken Grove will include new offices, a front entrance and two extra classrooms.

An extra 15 pupils will join each year group, making a total of 60 extra pupils. The school will then be able to accommodate 90 in a year group. This puts it in line with Furze Platt Infant School's intake.

The Royal Borough says the extra capacity is necessary because of increased pupil numbers across Maidenhead.

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