Have-a-go hero builders save elderly woman from fire

Have-a-go hero builders save elderly woman from fire

Michael Owens

Have-a-go hero builders save elderly woman from fire

An elderly woman and dog were rescued from her burning house by a group of have-a-go hero builders who were working across the street.

The fire started in a ground-floor bedroom of the home this morning in Walker Road, Maidenhead.

Jaco Grobler, of Grenfell Road, rushed across to the house to help when he saw smoke pouring out of the building.

He was joined by Rafael Kuskowski, 40, of Chilwick Road in Britwell and Henryk Lesniewski, 46 of Ragstone Road in Chalvey.

While his colleagues broke the front window with a hammer and tried to douse the flames with a hose, Jaco entered the building to get the occupants to safety.

"I was going outside to get some tools and I saw the smoke, so I ran inside and called my friend," said 22-year-old Grobler.

He had to stop the shaken-up woman from going back into the house and get her to the street, before guiding the dog out of harms way.

"I guided the old lady out into the street and we got the dog out of the back door by pushing it through the dog door," he added.

Two crews from Maidenhead fire station arrived at around 12.10pm and quashed the flames by around 12.30pm.

Maidenhead station commander, Paul Jones, said the woman’s grandson was also in the house and had been asleep upstairs, but was woken up by the sound of the smoke alarm.

"It shows the importance of having a working smoke alarm to alert people of a fire at the earliest stage possible," he said.

He added the fire had been started by an electric blanket that had been left on and advised people to regularly check their electric blankets to avoid a similar incident.

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