Rare Mini, thought to be worth £50k, uncovered after 40 years in storage

Rare Mini, thought to be worth £50k, uncovered after 40 years in storage

Paul Miles

Rare Mini, thought to be worth £50k, uncovered after 40 years in storage

A car enthusiast from Maidenhead who bought dust-covered vehicles left untouched for 40 years is feeling king of the road after estimating one could be worth up to £50,000.

Mechanic Robert Rogerson was carrying out work on a customer's car in Windsor last year when he was given the opportunity to buy two vehicles which were stored in a couple of garages.

"You could not see the cars because there was 40 years of spiders, cobwebs and dust," said Robert who runs his own mechanic workshop B&L Motors in Eton Wick.

"I was shocked"

Having peered inside, Robert discovered a 1963 Singer Vogue Estate and 1959 Morris Mini Minor Deluxe which had been parked by the customer's dad and left there for four decades.

"It was a chance in a million," added the Norreys Drive householder who snapped up the pair for £1,100.

"The Mini was barely recognisable."

It was only after cleaning the two cars Robert realised just how rare the Mini was and what pristine condition it was in.

It had all of its original features intact and also contained a 1972 set of stamps, football magazine and comic from 1973 and a tin of extra paint.

"It is showroom condition compared to the ones I have seen on the computer," said Robert who works with his 22-year-old son Andrew.

Having enjoyed driving around in the car in the past year Robert now intends to keep the Singer Vogue for himself and sell the Mini.

Having recently seen other Minis in a much poorer condition sold at auction for more than £37,000, he will not be letting the car go for less than £50,000.

A spokesman from the 1959 Mini Register said there were only 200 of that particular model left out of 200,000 built and estimated the Mini could fetch in the region of £20,000.

The Singer Owners Club described the Vogue Estate as 'very rare' but could not give an estimate on its value without seeing it.

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