Safety concerns raised over giant potholes at new housing estate

Safety concerns raised over giant potholes at new housing estate

James Preston

Safety concerns raised over giant potholes at new housing estate

A housing association has reassured residents that homes in a new estate are safe after the latest in a series of giant potholes appeared on Tuesday.

Housing Solutions said it will soon be carrying out permanent repairs to fix problems at the Sounding Arch Way development in Maidenhead, which opened in September, after residents called for action to be taken to stop a series of collapses on tarmac outside their houses.

The latest incident saw a hole, estimated to be about five feet deep, appear suddenly and without warning on the pavement coming in to the estate, off Brunel Road.

Tenants said it was the sixth such collapse in less than a year at the affordable renting development, which used to be the site of the Brunel Centre and is now the base for 36 homes.

One of the giant holes even appeared in the children's play area on the site earlier this year, and the sudden appearances of the craters have prompted fears someone could suffer a serious injury on an estate which is home to several families.

Residents have also expressed concerns the development may be sinking and said they are worried their homes could be damaged.

"You are talking big holes happening close to houses," said Leslie Croudace, a tenant since October.

"They have only been here a year. What's going to happen in the next few years?"

The 51-year-old added: "This keeps happening and it could have been anyone falling down that hole.

"It's dangerous. It's very dangerous."

A spokeswoman for Housing Solutions said the problem was caused by a water leak from a redundant pipe which washed away soil under the road.

The source of the leak has now been capped and permanent repairs will be completed over the next few weeks.

She added: "We fully understand residents' concerns but want to reassure them that there is no danger to the safety of their homes."

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