VIDEO: Timbertown 2013

VIDEO: Timbertown 2013

VIDEO: Timbertown 2013

Hundreds of children and volunteers rolled up their sleeves and picked up their tools for Timbertown’s 30th anniversary.

The World's Your Oyster was this year's chosen theme in honour of the project's pearl milestone and more than 300 children set about constructing their own oyster themed huts at Town Moor in Blackamoor Lane, Maidenhead.



The black pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean, a Pearl Jam concert and a London underground station, complete with an oversized oyster cards, were all knocked-up as 20 different projects took shape over the weekend.

A swimming pool and a go-kart ramp were constructed ready for a day of games on Monday before the structures were given the usual treatment on the bonfire as Timbertown drew to a close on Tuesday.


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