Stranded bull rescued by firefighters

Stranded bull rescued by firefighters

Paul Miles

Stranded bull rescued by firefighters

A stranded bull which had become trapped in a river had to be rescued by firefighters last night.

One crew from Maidenhead and Slough and a specialist animal rescue unit from Reading came to the aid of the trapped creature at about 5pm.

The bull, which was a Belted Galloway, had escaped from a nearby field near Green Lane where it then went for a drink in The Cut.

After it became clear the bull couldn't climb its self out of the river, help was called.

"I think he went down the bank in the stream for a drink and for a cool off," said Maidenhead watch manager Chris Havers.

"He tried a few times to get back up in the same place.

"He just could not make it,".

Fire crews spent more than three hours trying to coax the animal, which was about 18 months old, out of the river as it wandered down stream to Hibbert Road in Bray.

"He was very calm but got more and more tired and wanted to get back to his herd," added Chris.

"You could see he was getting more stressed."

A nearby footpath was closed off by police while the rescue operation took place with the bull eventually heaving itself out of the river with the assistance of firefighters.

The rescue was finished at about 9pm with the animal returning to its herd of cows.

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